Beware the Fox is the fourth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Beware the Fox
Beware the Fox
Nariko preparing to face Flying Fox.


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After making her way through the archers on the bridge, Nariko heads into Flying Fox's lair.


This is the first Boss Battle players experience in the game. All of them are set up in a relatively similar way; multiple waves of enemies, followed by a fight with the Boss themself. In this case, there are three sets of soldiers Nariko must defeat before the battle with Flying Fox ensues. After disposing of these enemies, a brief monologue by Flying Fox ensuses, followed by actual combat. The battle itself is separated into three segments, with button prompts at the end of each. Pressing the correct button once it appears in each of these cutscenes will cause Flying Fox to end the fight and proclaim that Nariko needs 'more time' before he will battle her again. Exit the courtyard via a nearby gate and the checkpoint will be complete.


Previous Checkpoint: Fire Fight

Next Checkpoint: Prison Approach

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Heavenly Sword - Beware the Fox

Heavenly Sword - Beware the Fox