The Prologue is the beginning of gameplay in Heavenly Sword.


Nariko must face the full onslaught of Bohan's army alone in an attempt to prevent the capture of the Heavenly Sword. Nariko is introduced, as is Bohan (by appearance) and the Raven King.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Press PSB-S.png.png or PSB-T.png.png for attacks.

Detailed Walkthrough

The Prologue introduces players to the combat system in Heavenly Sword. Use PSB-S.png.png or PSB-T.png.png to attack Bohan's advancing soldiers as they near Nariko. When prompted, press PSB-C.png.png; this will initiate a Superstyle and slaughter many of Bohan's men. Eventually a red haze will appear around the screen and a heartbeat can be heard, meaning Nariko's death is near. Continue fighting until the screen goes black; a cutscene will begin to play. After watching Nariko's death at the hands of the Sword, she will ascend to Purgatory and the section will be complete.


Previous Checkpoint: None

Next Checkpoint: The Art of Battle

Video Walkthrough

Heavenly Sword - Prologue

Heavenly Sword - Prologue