Shen's Escape is the tenth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Shen's Escape
Shen's Escape Heavenly Sword
Kai sniping soldiers in order to protect Shen.


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Eye of the Storm


After being revived by Nariko, Shen must make his way back to his clansmen in safety.


For the first time since Night Attack, players control Kai, once again in the role of a sniper. Kai must now protect Shen as he makes he way across the bridge to the Prison and his fellow clansmen. Before he can do so, however, players must snipe the two Archers guarding the bridge. After doing this, Shen slowly makes his way across the bridge. The first part of the checkpoint has enemies appear to the front of Shen; halfway through the enemies will spawn from the behind. Towards the very end enemies begin spawning from both sides but not in great number. Successfully protecting Shen across the bridge will complete the checkpoint. There are four Heavenly Pots available solely for Glyph purposes as Kai cannot be harmed after disposing of the Archers.


Previous Checkpoint: Whiptail

Next Checkpoint: Eye of the Storm

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Heavenly Sword - Shen's Escape

Heavenly Sword - Shen's Escape