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The Raven King is the second checkpoint featured in Chapter Six of Heavenly Sword.


After cutting a bloody swathe through the remainder of his soldiers, Bohan realizes that the only way he has any hope of defeating Nariko at this point is if he matches her by becoming a god himself. Imploring the Raven King to imbue him with his powers, Bohan becomes his newest vessel, and with this jumps down to the plains to fight Nariko himself.


This checkpoint is the first of the final three in the game in which players must battle their toughest foe to date: The Raven King. This is also the first of two battles on Earth, with this one being somewhat easier than the last. A rune-filled circle will form on the ground, essentially trapping the player inside until they manage to defeat the Raven King during this checkpoint. Using Bohan as a medium, the Raven King is able to use a wide variety of attacks: in close combat, he is able to use Bohan's Axe in both Power and Unblockable attacks, making it more effective for Nariko to simply roll out of the way of his swipes. The Raven King is able to employ the use of ranged combat as well; using his demonic powers, he is able to send an orb of force, highlighted for either Speed or Power, hurtling at the player. Should Nariko block these, they will ricochet off the Sword and back into the Raven King, causing immense damage as well as making him fall down, all while filling the Glyph Meter. Once players have depleted the first bar of his health, a Quick Time Event will ensue ( PSB-C.png.png, then PSB-S.png.png when prompted) in order to advance the fight with the Raven King. Enraged that he is being defeated, the Raven King will then snatch Nariko and fly with her up to Purgatory, and the checkpoint will be complete.


  • Players need not worry about the huge number of Bohan's soldiers romping around in the circle; should they come into contact with Nariko, they will instantly perish.
  • This battle is much akin to that of the fight between the Heavenly Warrior and the Raven King at the beginning of time.


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Heavenly Sword - The Raven King

Heavenly Sword - The Raven King